November 28 - December 1, 2024
Tüyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center
Net Area
40,000 sqm

Expo Organizer

Tüyap Bursa Fairs Organization Inc.


Bursa Metal Processing Technologies Fair (22st International Metal Processing Machines, Welding, Robotic Technologies and Related Industries Fair)
Bursa Sheet Metal Processing Technologies Fair (15th International Sheet Metal, Pipe, Profile Processing Technologies and Related Industries Fair)
Bursa Automation Fair (21th International Electric, Electronic and Machinery Automation Fair)


  • Machine Tools For Metal, Sheet Metal Technologies
  • Tool - Turning Lathes
  • Drills, Holder, Cutting Tools
  • Press Brakes, Saws, Profile Bending Machinery
  • Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Corner Notching, Profile Bending Machinery
  • Eccentric – Hydraulic Press
  • Machine Elements; Gear, Side Industrial Equipment and Supplies
  • Factory Hardware
  • Machine Shop  Equipments
  • Cranes, Stacking Storage System and Equipments
  • Automation Systems and Software 
  • Cad Cam
  • Quality Control, Measurement
  • Hydraulic – Pneumatic Systems
  • Compressors
  • Welding,  Cutting Technology and Machinery
  • Technical Hardware and Tools
  • Of Crude Substances And Chemicals, Lubricating Oils, Cooling Fluids and Oils
  • Job and Worker Safety Equipments
  • Related Associations
  • Other Products Group


  • Agriculture Machinery Industry
  • Automation Sector
  • Automotive Industry
  • Casting Industry
  • Construction Machinery Industry
  • Defense and Aerospace Industry
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry
  • Food Machinery Industry
  • HVAC Industry
  • Iron and Steel Industry
  • Machinery Industry
  • Machinery Traders and Distributors
  • Medical Equipment Industry
  • Molding Industry
  • Naval Architecture Industry
  • Packaging Machinery Industry
  • Plastic Machinery Industry
  • Steel Tubing IndustrySteel Door Manufacturing Industry
  • Tank Manufacturering Industry
  • Textile Machinery Industry
  • White Goods Industry